Jointly organised by Redhills and People’s Bookshop.

The Left Book Club Reading Group will meet bi-monthly at People’s Bookshop in Durham.

31st January

The Death of The Left: why we must begin from the beginning again by Simon Winlow and Steve Hall

Both events start at 7 pm, with refreshments available from 6.30 pm. Both books available at People’s Bookshop. 30% discount for Group members

If you would like to join the reading group, please reserve your place by emailing to join. Please include your phone number.

Previous books have been:

Huw Beynon and Ray Hudson’s Shadow of the Mine: Coal and The End of Industrial Britain.

This is an important book for County Durham and discussions about the UK’s current and future economic policy.

To find out what books we would recommend reading to explore our history please read our recommendations post

The Left Book Club Reading Group will be held at People’s Bookshop, Saddlers Yard, 70 Saddler Street, Durham, DH1 3NP until Redhills reopens in Autumn 2024.