The historic Redhills Durham Miners’ Hall, an iconic symbol of the mining heritage in the North East, is set to receive a significant boost in its restoration efforts, thanks to a generous donation of nearly £600,000 from the North East Area Miners’ Social Welfare Trust Fund.

The funds have been allocated explicitly towards the critical roof renovation work, a vital component of the ongoing efforts to preserve this historic landmark. The roof renovation project is a testament to the commitment of both organisations to ensure the preservation of the heritage of Durham’s mining communities.

Nick Malyan, CEO of Redhills Durham, expressed his gratitude for the generous donation. He said, “We are absolutely delighted and profoundly thankful to the trustees of the North East Area Miners’ Social Welfare Trust Fund for this substantial donation. They have supported our project since the beginning, with their funds making up an essential part of our conservation programme and helping us secure the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s ongoing support. Refurbishing the roof helps to secure the longevity of this iconic building and represents the enduring spirit of the North East mining community.”

Trustees of North East Area Miners' Social Welfare Trust Fund alongside Redhills chief executive Nick Malyan

Dave Anderson, chair of the trustees for the North East Area Miners’ Social Welfare Trust Fund, underlined the historical importance of their donation, saying, “The North East mining heritage is an integral part of our region’s history. Our Trust Fund is committed to preserving this heritage, particularly for the benefit of former miners and their families and the coalfield communities across the North East. Redhills stands as a symbol of the resilience and strength of our mining communities. We are proud to contribute to the restoration of this historic building and to play a part in safeguarding our shared history.”

Redhills, Durham Miners’ Hall, built in 1915, has served the Durham Coalfield for over a century. Its rich history is intertwined with the coal mining industry, and it continues to play a central role in preserving North East miners’ stories, struggles, and achievements.

The roof renovation project is part of a larger restoration effort to transform Redhills Durham Miners’ Hall into a vibrant cultural and community space, preserving its historical significance for future generations. The building is scheduled to reopen in late 2024.

The North East Area Miners’ Social Welfare Trust Fund’s generous contribution underscores both organisations’ commitment to preserving the region’s mining heritage. Together, they are ensuring that the legacy of the North East mining community remains alive and well.