The collaboration between Redhills Youth Brass Band and Dilutey Juice at Marrapolooza 2024 is a match made in musical heaven. The partnership represents more than just a performance; it celebrates opportunities for young people and creativity.

Both groups have been diligently preparing for this event, with rehearsals that blend the disciplined precision of brass instrumentation with the spirited spontaneity of Dilutey Juice’s style. The result was a set that showcased the technical skill of the young musicians, who all learn with Durham Music Service. It also captured the exuberant energy that Dilutey Juice is known for.

The Cluny in Ouseburn is an iconic venue, known for its intimate setting and superb acoustics. It has hosted a myriad of artists across genres, making it the perfect location for this groundbreaking collaboration. The venue’s unique charm and history add an extra layer of magic to the Marrapolooza festival, making it a beloved spot for both performers and audiences.

Marrapolooza is about more than just the music; it brings people together. The collaboration between Redhills Youth Brass Band and Dilutey Juice embodies this spirit, highlighting how music can unite diverse groups and create something truly special. This performance is set to be a testament to the power of collaboration and the joy of shared musical experiences.

Brilliant young musicians from Durham Music Service performed at Marrapalooza as part of our youth brass project partnership.

Connecting young people with their heritage is vital to the Redhills mission.

Working with Durham Music Service and supported by Brass Bands England, Durham University Student Music and local brass bands, this is one of the opportunities and projects for young people to engage with brass playing.

This is all part of our long-term mission to establish a full youth brass band at Redhills.