As the anticipation builds for the Durham Miners Gala 2024, Redhills Durham is thrilled to announce a vibrant lineup of pre-speech activities and performances. Building on the success of the past two years, the Redhills programming continues to expand, promising an unforgettable experience for attendees.

A Rich History of Celebration

The Durham Miners Gala, fondly known as the “Big Meeting,” has a storied history, serving as a celebration of the mining community, solidarity, and working-class culture. Over the years, Redhills Durham has become a hub for the festivities, hosting a range of engaging activities and performances that capture the spirit of the event.

Activities for 2024

Zine Making Workshop

Dive into the creative process with our Zine Making Workshop. This hands-on activity will allow participants to express their thoughts, stories, and artistic talents, creating unique zines that reflect the spirit of the Gala and the broader community.

Strike Collective Badge-Making Workshop

Join the Strike Collective for a Badge Making Workshop that combines creativity with a cause. Design and create your own badges, celebrating solidarity and the rich history of labor movements. This workshop is a fantastic way to engage with the themes of the Gala while creating something personal to take home.

Jack Drum Arts

Known for their dynamic and engaging performances, Jack Drum Arts will be back, bringing their unique blend of music, dance, and theatre. Their presence promises to energise the crowd, when they march in with their banner group.

Northern Roots

We are delighted to welcome back Bill Elliott, who will be performing with his Northern Roots ensemble. Their blend of traditional and contemporary folk music resonates deeply with the heritage and spirit of the Durham Miners Gala, making their return a highly anticipated highlight.

West Rainton Primary School

The talented students of West Rainton Primary School will take to the stage, showcasing their musical skills and enthusiasm.

In 2023, West Rainton Steel Band out of West Rainton Primary School was formed, made up of 90% junior players aged between 7-12. They have a super talented group of young pannists, some of whom have now gone on to secondary but still return for weekly rehearsals.

The band relies entirely on fundraising and grants to continue its incredible journey. So to showcase their incredible talents they are playing the Gala! The band has no permanent dedicated rehearsal space, so they are now hoping to source an outdoor band room to allow them to reach more players easily. Every penny they raise will go towards the band’s rehearsal space and performances. You can support the West Rainton Steel Band by clicking here

Loud Noises

Additionally, Loud Noises, a high-energy brass band, who have entertained crowds in advance of the Gala through their inclusion in the Durham Brass Festival, will deliver a performance that is sure to captivate the audience with their powerful sound and dynamic presence.

A Master of Ceremonies: Alfie Joey

Guiding us through this rich tapestry of activities and performances the brilliant Alfie Joey will serve as the stage MC. With his wit, charm, and deep connection to the community, Alfie is the perfect host to keep the energy high and the events running smoothly.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

The pre-speech activities at Redhills Durham promise to make the 2024 Durham Miners Gala an even more memorable event. Whether you’re crafting a zine, making a badge, enjoying the diverse musical performances, or simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere, there’s something for everyone.