Sunderland-based music sensation Field Music is set to captivate audiences with the “Binding Time” LP scheduled for release on the highly anticipated Record Store Day UK 2024.

Field Music’s connection with brass traces back to its involvement in the Durham Brass Festival Commission in 2022. The Durham Brass Festival Commission aimed to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Durham through music. Field Music composed and arranged pieces for a 7-piece brass ensemble from the NASUWT Riverside Band. The resulting performance was a testament to the band’s versatility, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend indie rock with brass instrumentation’s bold and vibrant sounds.

Fast forward to 2024, and Field Music is back with “Binding Time,” a collection of 10 songs born from the Durham Brass Festival Commission. This LP promises to celebrate the unique synergy between indie rock and the dynamic energy of a 7-piece brass section.

The album is not merely a reproduction of the past performance of this work at Durham’s Gala Theatre but an evolution of the original compositions reimagined and rearranged for a fresh, invigorating experience. Field Music’s ability to seamlessly integrate the distinct timbres of brass instruments into their indie rock sound will surely leave listeners mesmerised.

The decision to release “Binding Time” on Record Store Day UK 2024 adds excitement to the album’s unveiling. Record Store Day, celebrated annually, pays homage to independent record stores and the vinyl format. Field Music’s decision to release their LP on this day demonstrates their commitment to the spirit of independent music and the art of storytelling through vinyl records. 2024 Record Store Day will be celebrated on 20th April 2024.

North East-based details of where you can purchase your vinyl will follow in this post.